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Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil GOLDEN APPLE

Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil GOLDEN APPLE

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Meet GOLDEN APPLE - an incredibly attractive and luxurious mix of glowing golden and olive particles. Since its first days Romanovamakeup has been represented in all Golden Apple stores across Russia. Our collaboration with this beloved cosmetic supermarket chain inspired me to create a unique signature shade of Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil. You will find it exclusively in Gloden Apple stores and on Romanovamakeup official website. Don’t hesitate and try GOLDEN APPLE shade in you makeup! For a nude makeup look I recommend making neat, thin or shaded arrows as well as applying it to the waterline. For a more bold and seductive makeup look try smoky eyes in combination with EMERALD shade. This shade will enhance and brighten green eyes, while making brown, gray and blue eyes stand out in contrast to the olive shade of this universal eye pencil. Everything is in best brand’s traditions - versatility, ease of application and durability. GOLDEN APPLE will emphasize natural beauty and individuality and will become 100% favorite among all girls of any skin shade and hair and eye color!

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