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Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil EMERALD

Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil EMERALD

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Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil is the perfect pencil for creating instant and long-lasting smoky eyes. The delicate creamy texture ensures perfect blending within 40 seconds of application. The color sets providing extreme long wear results.

This is a versatile multitasker that comes in unique shades and delivers remarkable staying power.

I created this dramatic shade for those women, who, like myself, prefer a natural-looking classic color palette. I was eager to create a new Sexy Smoky Eye Pencil color that would instantly step up your regular makeup look, while still being approachable even for the most conservative beauty enthusiasts. The deep emerald shade could be an excellent alternative to your everyday go-to black pencil. When blended, it delivers a beautiful cool-toned emerald haze. Green is a very intense color but this fashion-forward shade will add an element of freshness to any makeup look.

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