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Sexy Lipstick Pen MY PERFECT RED

Sexy Lipstick Pen MY PERFECT RED

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Always dreamt of trying red lips look but couldn’t find a shade that suits you? MY PERFECT RED is the answer to all girls who are looking for their perfect shade of red lipstick. MY PERFECT RED has a cool undertone that makes it versatile and will suit anyone. This shade will add fresh touch to the complexion, make your eyes look brighter and the smile more mesmerizing due to the visual effect of whiter teeth. However, it is important to remember that bright lipstick shades require skin preparation. If you have visible redness or dark under eyes circles, conceal them first. MY PERFECT RED lipstick in combination with a no makeup look can become your signature or be a great complement to a brighter makeup. This shade goes well with any classic makeup look including seductive cat eye look and dramatic dark smoky eye. It also perfectly complements metallic textures in pink, purple and copper shades. For a cleaner and more intense contour try our Sexy Contour Lip Liner in READY TO RED shade.

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