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Sexy Eyeshadow Palette CHOCOLATE & COFFEE

Sexy Eyeshadow Palette CHOCOLATE & COFFEE

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I present you a luxurious Sexy Eyeshadow Pallete CHOCOLATE & COFFEE, created in collaboration with my beloved and very stylish and bright singer Keti Topuria. For over 10 years I have been her personal makeup artist. Each video shoot, concert, photo session and awards over the years gave us a lot of amazing fashionable looks and makeups that immediately set trends and thousands of girls wanted to repeat them. While creating this palette Keti and I really wanted to make it special, extravagant, but at the same time very versatile and easy in application. Keti is a big fan of powdery beige shades, in her CHOCOLATE & COFFEE palette you will find the most refined and sophisticated shades - from the perfect dirty pink and stunning brown to the unusual terracotta metallic. The main task while developing this palletes for me was working with textures as it was very important for me to create an eyeshadow palette that combines special textures that will be different in density, pigmentation and finish. It was important for me to develop a palette of eyeshadows, with which every girl could easily recreate a perfect shading technique, because I love smooth transitions of shades on the eyelids so much. Each palette has 9 shades each with its own texture and density. Some are created as base colors and they fit very easily, others are for shading and blending, they will make any transition of color smooth, now there are those with which you can deepen and highlight the eyelash contour. And, of course, dazzling shades for a special touch There are 2 more palettes in this line, one of them was created in collaboration with singer Elka, it is called SPICES & CACAO, a luxurious palette in beige and brown tones. My own, third palette ROSE & PEONIES is in sensual pinks. All three palettes are designed in the most sought-after shades that will highlight your natural beauty in the most skillful way.

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