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Narzan 1lt PET Mineral Sparkling Water x 9

Narzan 1lt PET Mineral Sparkling Water x 9

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For the whole year round, the water from melting snows, mountain rivers and rains drains into the ground through a complicated system of fissures and cracks.
It takes future Narzan 6 years to travel from the glassier to the spring, and in this journey, Narzan is acquiring its highly valued properties.
Infiltrating through different subsurface rocks, the water is enriched by vital minerals and salts.
The deep volcanic activity gives our mineral water one of its most precious qualities - natural aeration.
Saturated with minerals and carbon dioxide, mineral water congregates in underground lakes and finds its way to the surface in mineral springs of magnificent curing power.
This is the story of the famous Narzan.

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