Fast grocery delivery
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What does Yalla!Market do?

Yalla!Market is an online store that delivers to your doorstep in Dubai. Buy confectioneries, groceries, household essentials, and cosmetics from our online stores and get your order before you finish checking your email. We have dark stores strategically situated around Dubai's most popular areas, just to make sure your orders reach you in record time.

And the best part? All deliveries from Yalla!Market are FREE.

Delivery from Yalla!Market is 100% FREE
How much does fast delivery in Dubai cost?
Why is the delivery time somewhere 15-30 mins?
We have a network of couriers (on scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles) who collect orders from our dark stores. A dark store is just like your local supermarket. We have shelves and refrigerators stocked with all your favorite products. The only difference is: we operate fully online. Our world-class IT team ensures that your order is processed approximately 2 minutes after a purchase and picked up by high-speed couriers. As a result, you can remain in the comfort of your home and have your groceries delivered in approximately 15 minutes
How does Yalla!Market work?
Are the products fresh?
Definitely! Anything you buy from Yalla!Market is delivered in sturdy thermal bags. This ensures that items are delivered fresh - no tampering, wrinkles, or breakage. If you order an ice cream from us, it'll still be frozen on delivery
Once you select what you need via our mobile apps, the store assistants gather your items in 2 minutes. Then a courier picks it up and locates your house within the next 5 - 15 minutes. If you live within 1.5km of our dark stores, you get your order after 15 minutes. Otherwise, it may take over 30 minutes. New distribution centers are being opened up constantly, and we're working hard to shorten the delivery time even more
Almarai Fresh Milk Low Fat
250 ml
Fanta Orange Can
330 ml
Friskies Pouch Turkey
85 g
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